Hey No One!

So this is my very first post as a blogger! Well, I do have a Tumblr but that’s a personal blog that just has random pictures and quotes. This is my shiny new blog where i’ll be sharing my life experiences and trying my best to pour out some knowledge. Some topics that will be reoccurring :

Photography: I was a professional photographer for awhile but it all became a drag. So i stopped. But now my photography bone is itching and I’m going to be scratching on here!

College Tips: I am currently a full time student and go through so much stuff that it has to be worth something! i’ll share all the tips and experiences I go through to help fellow students go through this daunting experience.

Sales/Deals: I blame my mother for this section. She taught me so much when it comes to bargain shopping. I rarely buy full priced items and most of the items I own were dirt cheap. I’ll show items that I snagged at a bargain and also list sales that are available

Reviews: I’m always going somewhere, eating somewhere, and watching something…somewhere. I’ll be writing reviews and getting down to the nitty gritty.

Rants: This is where I vent to all you guys. If something crazy happened or I’m super pissed, I will rant it all out! Ever go back and look at something you wrote and go….wtf was i thinking? Ranting is where that all begins!

I love writing but that doesn’t mean I’m all that good at it. I’m a bad speller(opening up another tab in chrome about 10 times a day to find the spelling of a word), I suck at grammer (for god sakes I spelled grammer wrong), and sometimes I can take cliche to a whole ‘nother level (Mentioning a cliche is soooo cliche).

I hope you will tag along on my journey and please feel free to talk to me. I love making new friends 😀



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