The Good and the Bad (Mostly bad) on Having a Cat

Cat’s are not only crazy and evil, they are also a huge pain in the ass. I have had my cat Daisy for over two years and it’s been…how do I put this, more bitter than sweet.

The Bitter:

Cat Hair Everywhere! : Forget trying to look sleek in black clothes. And also forget trying to hide your black clothes…its in the air. My cat has an obsession with laying on new things. If you place a bag on the floor she will get comfy and lay right on top. One time I dropped a shirt while organizing my closet, before I could save it, the deed was done.

Hide the Toilet Tissue: I can’t put my toilet tissue on the little handle thing because she will pull all the toilet tissue off and have a field day laying around ripping it to shreds. Can’t put it on the floor either so the only place is on the back of the toilet. Every day I have to do the annoying spin around.

Garbage in the Freezer: Anytime there is food in the garbage, she will dig through it. There will be garbage all over the floor so she can get that one chicken bone. Can’t put it on a counter, she will jump right up and do the same. I’ve had to put my garbage in my freezer plenty of times.

Battle Wounds: There’s always that cute moment when your cat lays next to you and starts to purr. They start rubbing their head against you, beckoning you to pet them. You start to pet them and it makes you smile but then out of nowhere they start biting you like you are trying to steal their young. I have scars all over my hands and arms. Don’t dangle hands or feet over the edge of the bed. Your cat will think it’s war.

Manual Dexterity: There have been times where I walk into my kitchen in the morning and see the refrigerator door wide open with food all over the floor. Now in my cats defense, my refrigerator is super old. A newborn baby could open it. But a baby has opposable thumbs, so it’s understandable. It haunted me for months trying to figure out how my cat did such horrid acts. When finally one day she had the balls to do it right in front of me. She claws away at the door and it swings open. As she jumped inside an evil thought popped into my head…so I closed the door. What? She was fine! There was enough food and water for days.

Now its time to go over the sweet side of having a cat.

The sweet:

Cuddling: Doesn’t it just light up your heart when your cat snuggles with you. Yes they start digging their nails into you but that just means they love you. (No seriously, it’s true! When cats dig their nails into you, it means that they feel safe with you.)

Cats Should Do Stand Up: The hilarious jumping , running and popping out, makes me laugh every time! I see why there are so many cat ladies.

The Adorable Pictures: This one speaks for itself.



Overall I love my cat. But she’s like that family member; I would be devastated without them, but having them around all the time isn’t all that pleasant.


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