5 Myths About Starting a Healthy Lifestyle

1. Buying A Gym Membership Will Make You Go to the Gym: 

Wrong!! I recently bought a gym membership to Planet Fitness. It’s a yearly contract so I assumed, with the love I have for my own money, I would go at least once a week. Nope. I haven’t been to the gym since….May. I think. I keep telling myself to go but the summer heat and the money it costs to get there, I just stay home.

2. Just Three Weeks and a Healthy Habit Sticks: 

Wrong again!! I have eaten healthy, drank 8 cups of water a day, and worked out 4 times a week for a month. And after that I got tired of doing it and just stopped. I was doing so well! *cries*

3. Starting Your Day Off Healthy, Will Make You End It Healthy:

If I had some fruits in the morning and right proportioned salad for lunch, then I’m going to want a burger and fries for dinner. Do you know the proportions your supposed to have?? They say the size of your hand is a good proportion. More like the size of my hand is a good proportion to put on my spoon.

4. Make Working Out Fun, And You’ll Enjoy It:

I bought the connect for Xbox, and a bunch of sports and dancing games. I’ve played it like four times. And after 15 minutes I’m done.

5. Power Foods Curve Mid-Day Hunger: 

Oh I wish. I will have power foods for breakfast but I’m still ravenous by lunch time.

On a lighter note…

This isn’t to discourage people from trying these tips, because everyone is different and these might work for you. This is just to shine a light on the fact that these don’t work for everyone. You have to find your own tips and tricks that help you on the road to a healthy lifestyle. I’m still working on mine, as you can see. So just hang in there! I feel your pain.

If you need some motivation and healthy recipes, check out my health blog:




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