New Museum Block Party

The New Museum held a block party this past Saturday, letting anyone that came have free admission. The block party itself wasn’t all that interesting. It had about 5 tables that all seemed like they were for ages 9 and under involving arts and crafts. If I was home alone I would partake in the activities but I’m not going to squeeze between two kids to glue printed pasterns on a cardboard box. Thank God my mother is a kindergarten teacher, so she lives for shit like that. While she was preoccupied taking crafts and stealing project ideas, I waited for the next music act to perform. Now, I don’t remember the hosts exact words, though I wish I recorded it, but he introduced the artist saying he was a mix of negro spirituals, classical, opera, and heavy metal. Three words came to my mind…wtf. And not only was his music style crazy, his wardrobe matched along with it. He wore all black, something that looked like a cape, long hair (I’m assuming a wig) And an eye patch….*sigh*

Soooo yea. I was hoping the actual museum would be something a bit better. The layout is really nice. And the macaroons are to die for (I recommend the orange which is caramel and the purple one…which I think was blueberry hazelnut) The exhibit was called “Here and Elsewhere”  and was about the Arab world. Some were boring , and others were pretty amazing. The pictures above are some of my favorite pieces. And the view is the top floor where you can view the city from a scary height with a glass barrier.

I wouldn’t recommend paying to go see it, but they do have a great deal; anyone 18 & under is free, accompanied with an adult of course. Students get a discount.

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