7 Hot Bad Boys In TV Shows

There are so many TV shows out there, it’s hard to find time to watch them all. But the ones I do get to watch, there’s always one hot bad boy to swoon over. Here is a list of hot bad boys that I can’t help but fan girl over.

7. Jesse Pinkman; Breaking Bad

jesse pinkman WPJesse Pinkman, portrayed by Aaron Paul, is a delinquent that sells and does drugs. He soon teams up with his old high school teacher, Walter White, to make and sell meth. Later on in the show your views on him being a ‘bad boy’ might falter because of his strong emotions towards…well…everything. But he is the ultimate bad boy when it comes to disobeying the law and not following any type of structure.

6. Quinn; Leverage

Quinn LevergaeLeverage is about 5 people with amazing skills, that help others that are stuck in dilemma’s that the court can’t help. Of course with a team like that, you need protection and that’s what Elliot is for. Quinn, played by Clayne Crawford, is Elliot’s dark side. They both have the same fighting skills but Quinn plays for whatever side pays him the most. His looks and bad boy demeanor make you forget about Elliot, and wish he was on the show more often.

5.Orochimaru; Naruto

Orochimaru WPYes, I know what your thinking…a cartoon? She’s got to be kidding. I kid you not! Cartoons can be hot as well, especially if their voice and actions support it. Orochimaru is one of Naruto’s best bad guys and his long hair and soothing voice make him seem less evil and more attractive. And the way he calls girls “Dear” makes you swoon. His long tongue might make kissing interesting.

4.Ryan Hardy; The following

RyanHardyWPRyan Hardy played by Kevin Bacon is a detective that has had about enough with Joe Carol the leading villain. Ryan’s snarky remarks, his ‘I could care less’ demeanor, and his feelings toward authority makes him one smoking hot bad boy. Even though he is the good guy in this drama, he isn’t a saint in anyone’s book, including his own.

3.Christian Troy; Nip Tuck

CTWPWhere do I start with this guy? Christian Troy, portrayed by Julian McMahon, is a mentally destroyed plastic surgeon. He is the co-founder of a plastic surgery company and without his  partner saving him from every mistake he makes, the company would be in deep shit. He has commitment issues which means he HAS to sleep every pretty woman he encounters. His charming advances towards woman, tick you off while turning you on.

2.Eric Northman; True Blood

EricNWPNot sure if it’s the super speed sex or the domineering personality, but Eric Northman (Played by Alexander Skarsgård) is one sexy Vampire. I am a huge fan of Edward Cullen from twilight, but Eric is the TV-MA version. The way he is possessive with the main character Sookie, the way he commands his progeny Pam, and his disdain towards any human that gets in his way makes women weak in the knees. If only I could hop into the TV and let him turn me into a vampire, then I could serve him for all eternity.

1.Dean; Supernatural

DeanWPThe number one spot goes to this smoking hot bad boy Dean Winchester played by the sexy Jensen Ackles. Dean is a family man that will do anything and I mean ANYTHING to protect and save the ones he loves. Dean and his younger brother Sam hunt evil such as demons, vampires, and werewolves. He has been to Hell and back, literally, to protect humanity. He is a ladies man and classic rock junkie who loves to eat bacon cheeseburgers in local diners. And on top of all that, he is a goofball. His aggressiveness when killing and giving his younger brother a lecture makes your heart melt. Just don’t fall in love, because he will take off in the morning to save the world from destruction.


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