TMNT & Let’s Be Cops Review

Don’t worry I wont spoil anything! I hate when people think they aren’t spoiling the movie, and by saying something stupid, turtlesthey ruin it all. This is just an overall review of the two movies.

My mother’s birthday is on the 18th, so she chose the first movie. Now, I’m not a huge fan of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles so I was apprehensive about going but Michael Bay and the beautiful Megan
Fox eased my worries. The movie is about an hour and 40 mins long and you don’t see the turtles until about a hour and 30 minutes in, but hey, we have to build the story line right? The plot was pretty predictable and the CGI was….CGI. Overall the movie was pretty well made. If you are a huge TMNT fan, go see it. If you’re not a huge fan, skip it. RATING: 7/10

lets-be-cops-posterLuckily I got to choose the second movie. Lets be Cops was hilarious! I mean, one of the Wayans clan members is in it, so I assumed it would be funny. The two leading guys worked great with each other and the story line is solid. There were parts that made me scream in shock and parts that had me close to tears from laughing. The movie doesn’t feel too short and it doesn’t feel like it drags too long either. I recommend this movie for date night, girls night out, and even a solo night if you need a good laugh. RATING 9.5/10


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