3 Dirt Cheap Places to Eat in NYC

If you’re a cultured New Yorker who strives for a good deal, you have probably already heard of these amazing eats. But you might not know how many of them are out there. Last week I went to go see Kara Walker’s free exhibit “A Subtlety” at the Domino factory in Brooklyn. Walking back to the train afterwards, I spotted one of my favorite restaurants. I was shocked and excited. I was only aware of the one location in China Town. The restaurant was none other than:

1. Vanessa’s Dumpling House

Back Camera

Mmmm, where do I start? This family run business is one of my favorite places to eat. Their menu is full of great tasting items that are super cheap. The most popular; 4 dumplings for $1! What I suggest Ordering: Cabbage pork dumplings, Sesame pancake with roasted pork. The Cons: Your order might take awhile (but it is worth it!) , It’s hard to understand what their yelling. They yell out your order and sometimes…I have no idea what number they’re saying. Seats are scarce. When I go with a friend, one person orders and the other stands and waits for a table.

3 Locations: (1) Chinatown, 118A Eldridge Street, New York, NY 10002 (2) Williamsburg , 310 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211 (3) Union Square 220 East 14th Street, New York, NY 10003  **2 & 3 are a bit more pricey.

2. 2 Bro’s Pizza

2brospizza 2-bros-pizza

New York City is known for their great pizza. But 2.50 for one slice of pizza, can be a turn off. And lets say you want a topping, forget about it! 2 Bro’s pizza sells plain topping pizza for only $1!! And one toppings for $1.50. Now, that’s my type of pizza. The lines move super fast and Pizza is ALWAYS available. What I suggest Ordering: 2 plain slices and a drink for $2.75, Pepperoni. The Cons: Seats are uncomfortable and scarce. There is no time to think, the person at the register looks at you like you have to say your order in one word. People bring the spices to their table, “Excuse me, could I take the salt? Ok great, Thank you. Oh and the Oregano, awesome, thanks.”

8 Locations: (1) 32 st Marks Place New, NY 10003 (2) 36 st Marks Place NY, NY 10003 (3) 601 6th Ave New, NY 10011 (4) 755 6th Ave New, NY 10010 (5) 542 9th Ave New, NY 10018 (6) 557 8th Ave New, NY 10018 (7) 31 W 46th st New, NY 10036 (8) 395 Flatbush Ave Extensions btw Fulton & Dekalb Brooklyn, NY 11201 **1 & 2 are right next to each other.

3. Papaya King

Papaya-King thumb_600

Now this one I’m pretty sure most New Yorkers know about. Papaya King has been serving hot dogs since 1932. This might be a tad bit more expensive than the first two, but they have the best hot dogs you’ll find in NYC. A classic hot dog goes for $1.84. The costumer service is great , they always greet you with a smile. What I suggest Ordering: The king combo, NYC Knish. The Cons: The store isn’t that big and there aren’t any seats. Not a huge fan of their Tropical drinks.

3 Locations (1) 179 East 86th Street New York, NY 10028 (2) 3 St. Marks Place New York, NY 10003 (3) **This one is a truck, check out @papayakingtruck for locations.


Those are my top three dirt cheap spots in NYC. Let me know your favorite cheap spots. My stomach is growling talking about all this food! GrubHub here I come!


The Good and the Bad (Mostly bad) on Having a Cat

Cat’s are not only crazy and evil, they are also a huge pain in the ass. I have had my cat Daisy for over two years and it’s been…how do I put this, more bitter than sweet.

The Bitter:

Cat Hair Everywhere! : Forget trying to look sleek in black clothes. And also forget trying to hide your black clothes…its in the air. My cat has an obsession with laying on new things. If you place a bag on the floor she will get comfy and lay right on top. One time I dropped a shirt while organizing my closet, before I could save it, the deed was done.

Hide the Toilet Tissue: I can’t put my toilet tissue on the little handle thing because she will pull all the toilet tissue off and have a field day laying around ripping it to shreds. Can’t put it on the floor either so the only place is on the back of the toilet. Every day I have to do the annoying spin around.

Garbage in the Freezer: Anytime there is food in the garbage, she will dig through it. There will be garbage all over the floor so she can get that one chicken bone. Can’t put it on a counter, she will jump right up and do the same. I’ve had to put my garbage in my freezer plenty of times.

Battle Wounds: There’s always that cute moment when your cat lays next to you and starts to purr. They start rubbing their head against you, beckoning you to pet them. You start to pet them and it makes you smile but then out of nowhere they start biting you like you are trying to steal their young. I have scars all over my hands and arms. Don’t dangle hands or feet over the edge of the bed. Your cat will think it’s war.

Manual Dexterity: There have been times where I walk into my kitchen in the morning and see the refrigerator door wide open with food all over the floor. Now in my cats defense, my refrigerator is super old. A newborn baby could open it. But a baby has opposable thumbs, so it’s understandable. It haunted me for months trying to figure out how my cat did such horrid acts. When finally one day she had the balls to do it right in front of me. She claws away at the door and it swings open. As she jumped inside an evil thought popped into my head…so I closed the door. What? She was fine! There was enough food and water for days.

Now its time to go over the sweet side of having a cat.

The sweet:

Cuddling: Doesn’t it just light up your heart when your cat snuggles with you. Yes they start digging their nails into you but that just means they love you. (No seriously, it’s true! When cats dig their nails into you, it means that they feel safe with you.)

Cats Should Do Stand Up: The hilarious jumping , running and popping out, makes me laugh every time! I see why there are so many cat ladies.

The Adorable Pictures: This one speaks for itself.



Overall I love my cat. But she’s like that family member; I would be devastated without them, but having them around all the time isn’t all that pleasant.

Artful Day

I surprised my mother by taking her to Kara Walker’s “A Subtlety,” (Big sugar Lady) And a pop up art gallery at Trespass gallery afterwards. I forgot my camera so I took all my photos with my phone.

Check out Kara Walker’s “A Subtlety” ending July 6th (Its Free!) http://creativetime.org/projects/karawalker/

Check out Trespass gallery for future pop up Galleries http://trespassgallery.com/


Kids Project Epic Fail

My mom is a kindergarten teacher and I went to her school to do a project that I found off of Pinterest. Now, things never really come out as good as the pictures, I’m well aware of this. But when I say what happened was an epic fail…IT WAS AN EPIC FAIL. The project was making a smile out of apples, peanut butter, and mini marshmallows. I was going to take pictures of them holding up the smiles over their mouth and then asking them what makes them happy so I can edit their answers on the pictures.  My mother then later informed me that we have to use apple butter because of allergy issues. Ok…fine.

The supermarket that we went to (30 mins before I was supposed to do the project) smelled like cat piss. Most of the items had their seal broken and were grimy. Something told me that they wouldn’t have apple butter. After leaving with a bag of beaten up apples, Two bags of marshmallows, and a sticky container of marshmallow fluff, I was ready to get this over with.

When I started with the first group of 3 kids the cutting of the apples went fine. Then it was time to spread the marshmallow fluff. This is where it went terribly wrong. The fluff wouldn’t stay on the apples. It just slid right off. I had to keep re-spreading it for the kids. Then when they were ready to put the teeth and other lips on, it was sliding off. I had to use toothpicks to hold things together and even then it was still falling apart.

And on top of that. When I asked what made them happy. Most of them shrugged. Common! Your kids! Give me something! My little pony, Batman, ice cream? Not even joking, one kid said “Nothing.”

What it was supposed to look like:


And how it ended up:


IMG_7513 IMG_7514 IMG_7516 IMG_7517 IMG_7518 IMG_7519 IMG_7520 IMG_7521 IMG_7522 IMG_7523 IMG_7524 IMG_7525 IMG_7526IMG_7515


So yeah maybe the kids had a great time and they said it tasted delicious…but that’s not what matters. I was supposed to enjoy this!


Hey No One!

So this is my very first post as a blogger! Well, I do have a Tumblr but that’s a personal blog that just has random pictures and quotes. This is my shiny new blog where i’ll be sharing my life experiences and trying my best to pour out some knowledge. Some topics that will be reoccurring :

Photography: I was a professional photographer for awhile but it all became a drag. So i stopped. But now my photography bone is itching and I’m going to be scratching on here!

College Tips: I am currently a full time student and go through so much stuff that it has to be worth something! i’ll share all the tips and experiences I go through to help fellow students go through this daunting experience.

Sales/Deals: I blame my mother for this section. She taught me so much when it comes to bargain shopping. I rarely buy full priced items and most of the items I own were dirt cheap. I’ll show items that I snagged at a bargain and also list sales that are available

Reviews: I’m always going somewhere, eating somewhere, and watching something…somewhere. I’ll be writing reviews and getting down to the nitty gritty.

Rants: This is where I vent to all you guys. If something crazy happened or I’m super pissed, I will rant it all out! Ever go back and look at something you wrote and go….wtf was i thinking? Ranting is where that all begins!

I love writing but that doesn’t mean I’m all that good at it. I’m a bad speller(opening up another tab in chrome about 10 times a day to find the spelling of a word), I suck at grammer (for god sakes I spelled grammer wrong), and sometimes I can take cliche to a whole ‘nother level (Mentioning a cliche is soooo cliche).

I hope you will tag along on my journey and please feel free to talk to me. I love making new friends 😀