8 Ecstasies by David Brody at The Boiler

Yesterday I went to go see 8 Ecstasies by David Brody and it was pretty awesome. It was simple but intense. The room was dark and what looked like bubble rap rolled up was placed around the room as chairs. That same materiel was draped around the room. There was a short movie that ran for about 10 minutes which showed geometric shapes moving around with different sound effects. I loved this so much that I stayed to watch it twice. It was so calming watching the shapes take different forms while the sounds complimented them perfectly. When the movie was over , a huge shape in the air lit up while another movie projected on a wall across the room. David was very humble and sincere when thanking me for coming.

Check out the full 10 minute short movie 8 Ecstasies by David Brody & Zig Gron (Sounds) Click Here