Exploring DUMBO

Hey everyone! And by everyone I mean my 2 followers! I haven’t updated my blog in forever. But here are some shots I took while walking around downtown Brooklyn. Got a new camera for Christmas (Thanks Grandpa!) so I thought I would go test it out. Not going to lie…I felt like a total hipster taking pictures around the city.


3 Dirt Cheap Places to Eat in NYC

If you’re a cultured New Yorker who strives for a good deal, you have probably already heard of these amazing eats. But you might not know how many of them are out there. Last week I went to go see Kara Walker’s free exhibit “A Subtlety” at the Domino factory in Brooklyn. Walking back to the train afterwards, I spotted one of my favorite restaurants. I was shocked and excited. I was only aware of the one location in China Town. The restaurant was none other than:

1. Vanessa’s Dumpling House

Back Camera

Mmmm, where do I start? This family run business is one of my favorite places to eat. Their menu is full of great tasting items that are super cheap. The most popular; 4 dumplings for $1! What I suggest Ordering: Cabbage pork dumplings, Sesame pancake with roasted pork. The Cons: Your order might take awhile (but it is worth it!) , It’s hard to understand what their yelling. They yell out your order and sometimes…I have no idea what number they’re saying. Seats are scarce. When I go with a friend, one person orders and the other stands and waits for a table.

3 Locations: (1) Chinatown, 118A Eldridge Street, New York, NY 10002 (2) Williamsburg , 310 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211 (3) Union Square 220 East 14th Street, New York, NY 10003  **2 & 3 are a bit more pricey.

2. 2 Bro’s Pizza

2brospizza 2-bros-pizza

New York City is known for their great pizza. But 2.50 for one slice of pizza, can be a turn off. And lets say you want a topping, forget about it! 2 Bro’s pizza sells plain topping pizza for only $1!! And one toppings for $1.50. Now, that’s my type of pizza. The lines move super fast and Pizza is ALWAYS available. What I suggest Ordering: 2 plain slices and a drink for $2.75, Pepperoni. The Cons: Seats are uncomfortable and scarce. There is no time to think, the person at the register looks at you like you have to say your order in one word. People bring the spices to their table, “Excuse me, could I take the salt? Ok great, Thank you. Oh and the Oregano, awesome, thanks.”

8 Locations: (1) 32 st Marks Place New, NY 10003 (2) 36 st Marks Place NY, NY 10003 (3) 601 6th Ave New, NY 10011 (4) 755 6th Ave New, NY 10010 (5) 542 9th Ave New, NY 10018 (6) 557 8th Ave New, NY 10018 (7) 31 W 46th st New, NY 10036 (8) 395 Flatbush Ave Extensions btw Fulton & Dekalb Brooklyn, NY 11201 **1 & 2 are right next to each other.

3. Papaya King

Papaya-King thumb_600

Now this one I’m pretty sure most New Yorkers know about. Papaya King has been serving hot dogs since 1932. This might be a tad bit more expensive than the first two, but they have the best hot dogs you’ll find in NYC. A classic hot dog goes for $1.84. The costumer service is great , they always greet you with a smile. What I suggest Ordering: The king combo, NYC Knish. The Cons: The store isn’t that big and there aren’t any seats. Not a huge fan of their Tropical drinks.

3 Locations (1) 179 East 86th Street New York, NY 10028 (2) 3 St. Marks Place New York, NY 10003 (3) **This one is a truck, check out @papayakingtruck for locations.


Those are my top three dirt cheap spots in NYC. Let me know your favorite cheap spots. My stomach is growling talking about all this food! GrubHub here I come!