Kids Project Epic Fail

My mom is a kindergarten teacher and I went to her school to do a project that I found off of Pinterest. Now, things never really come out as good as the pictures, I’m well aware of this. But when I say what happened was an epic fail…IT WAS AN EPIC FAIL. The project was making a smile out of apples, peanut butter, and mini marshmallows. I was going to take pictures of them holding up the smiles over their mouth and then asking them what makes them happy so I can edit their answers on the pictures.  My mother then later informed me that we have to use apple butter because of allergy issues. Ok…fine.

The supermarket that we went to (30 mins before I was supposed to do the project) smelled like cat piss. Most of the items had their seal broken and were grimy. Something told me that they wouldn’t have apple butter. After leaving with a bag of beaten up apples, Two bags of marshmallows, and a sticky container of marshmallow fluff, I was ready to get this over with.

When I started with the first group of 3 kids the cutting of the apples went fine. Then it was time to spread the marshmallow fluff. This is where it went terribly wrong. The fluff wouldn’t stay on the apples. It just slid right off. I had to keep re-spreading it for the kids. Then when they were ready to put the teeth and other lips on, it was sliding off. I had to use toothpicks to hold things together and even then it was still falling apart.

And on top of that. When I asked what made them happy. Most of them shrugged. Common! Your kids! Give me something! My little pony, Batman, ice cream? Not even joking, one kid said “Nothing.”

What it was supposed to look like:


And how it ended up:


IMG_7513 IMG_7514 IMG_7516 IMG_7517 IMG_7518 IMG_7519 IMG_7520 IMG_7521 IMG_7522 IMG_7523 IMG_7524 IMG_7525 IMG_7526IMG_7515


So yeah maybe the kids had a great time and they said it tasted delicious…but that’s not what matters. I was supposed to enjoy this!